Wolverine Subdivision to move forward with development

By: Robert Guttersohn | Macomb Township Chronicle | Published January 16, 2013

MACOMB TOWNSHIP — Once a stalled development, the Wolverine Country Club subdivision is seemingly back on track for completion.

While the project sat only half-completed since 2005, it was one of the many symbols throughout Macomb Township of the housing market’s decline. Now, the continuation of the project under a new developer is yet another affirmation of township’s emergence from the recession.

“It’s another indication that things are starting to turn around, which is a good sign,” Township Clerk Michael Koehs said recently.

The Board of Trustees approved the site plans for the second, third and fourth phases at its Dec. 26 meeting.

According to a presentation by township Planning Consultant Jerry Schmeiser and Township Engineer James Van Tiflin, the recently approved plans only deviate slightly from the original subdivision layout.

The project was intended to fill the grassy area along 25 Mile Road between Luchtman and Romeo Plank roads with 451 lots, but Schmeiser said the original phase was only partially completed in 2005.

The changes to the original plan include adjusting some utility lines because existing stub streets will be heading in different directions from what was planned and the shifting of the retention pond northward from its current location.

Van Tiflin said when the original developer was getting out of the project, he decided that he only wanted to build the retention pond to serve Phase I, and he would deal with Phase II when it came.

“Well, he wound up losing the project, and now, a different developer has come in, and he wants to build the basin as it was originally designed,” Van Tiflin said.

He said the developer plans to do the basin work in the spring.

Before approving the layout, board members were skeptical that the developer would actually move the retention basin instead of leaving it in the middle of the future parts of the subdivision.

But Van Tiflin assured the board the township engineers would not approve the construction of the other phases until the retention pond is moved.

“In order for him to build the other phases of the development, that basin is going to have to be built,” Van Tiflin said. “Whether it’s done before or during the construction of the other phases, it will be part of the engineering approval.”