Two arrested in Harrison Township home invasion

By: Julie Snyder | Mount Clemens - Clinton - Harrison Journal | Published August 19, 2013

HARRISON TOWNSHIP — Two Woodhaven residents are in their respective Macomb County Jail cells today on charges of home invasion.

Mark Head, 41, and Heather Glidden, 35, were arrested Aug. 15 after conceding that their images were caught on surveillance as they cased and then broke into a home in the 25000 block of North River Road in Harrison Township Aug. 12, even though neither recalls being there at the time, said Lt. John Michalke.

Sheriff’s deputies responded to the residence at around 7:30 a.m. in response to an alarm. At the home, deputies found no one in sight; however a front door had been damaged and not entirely shut. The deputies entered the home and found it unoccupied.

Michalke said the homeowners, who were out of town at the time, were contacted, and were able to check their home security system through their smartphones. It was then that they were able to inform deputies that an unknown vehicle had been parked in their driveway and a male and a female were seen on their property.

After obtaining a copy of the security video through a family friend, Michalke said detectives observed a woman exit a distinguishable Chevrolet pickup truck. After she walked around the home once, the woman, later identified as Glidden, returned to the truck and a man got out.

Michalke said the man, later identified as Head, walked up to the house and first attempted to disable one of the security cameras. He then is seen kicking the front door 17 times until finally gaining entry into the home.

“It was an audible alarm because he’s seen hastily running inside,” Michalke said. “He’s in the house about 20 seconds and runs back out. He doesn’t appear to be carrying anything.”

Head then gets back into the truck and drives away.

The following day, a truck driver traveling on Interstate 75 observed a pickup truck matching the description of the one in the home invasion pulled over at the side of the highway in Detroit. The pickup truck appeared to have broken down and there was a man underneath, apparently attempting to fix it. Michalke said the truck driver turned around and passed the pickup again and took down the license plate number, as well as the license plate number of a second vehicle that was pulled over behind it.

The lieutenant said detectives were able to identify the owners of the vehicles and learned that the pickup was indeed the same one seen on the surveillance video. Michalke said Head and Glidden were contacted and they came into the sheriff’s office where they were shown the security video. They each acknowledged it was them in the video, but said they don’t recall even being at the home.

The Macomb County Prosecutor authorized charges of second degree home invasion and second degree conspiracy to commit home invasion against both. Head and Glidden were arraigned at the 41-B District Court in Clinton Township on Aug. 16 and bond was set at $15,000 cash or surety. 

Michalke said the homeowners have since returned and it appears nothing was stolen or disturbed inside.