Total Sports Complex buys, fixes former Farmington Tennis Club building

By: Sherri Kolade | Farmington Press | Published September 18, 2013

FARMINGTON — Total Sports Complex recently purchased the former Farmington Tennis Club, 22777 Farmington Road, and plans to open in late October after renovations take place, according to a city official.

The Wixom-headquartered sports facility announced the purchase in a Sept. 10 press release after acquiring the property in late August.

TSC general manager Tony Moscone told C & G recently that the terms of the purchase were undisclosed.

Sometime in April, the tennis club — which had been open for several decades — abruptly closed down. It had seven indoor tennis courts used by regional tennis players.

“We did not hear anything from the club prior to their closing,” Kevin Christiansen, the city’s economic and community development director, said in April. “We were made aware (April 1).”

Oakland County Treasurer Andy Meisner said in April that his office found out about the closure when everyone else did, and he posted a seizure notice April 2 as a response.

“They had some delinquent personal property taxes,” Meisner said. “We also received word that there may have been trucks removing personal property from the club. We posted a seizure notice and are in the process of checking out the personal property. We had made multiple attempts to contact them and were unsuccessful,” he said in April.

The club had owed $5,000-$6,000 in personal property taxes, Meisner said.

Meisner said the club had owed a substantially larger amount of delinquent real property taxes, including $58,000 from 2011 and $60,000 from 2012.

Moscone told C & G recently that TSC will refurbish parts of the more-than 73,000-square foot  building before its Oct. 20 opening date.

The building will have a turf system throughout the space for soccer, lacrosse, baseball, softball and more. 

In the near future, plans include a redesign of the locker room areas to include a sports training component, Total Performance and Fitness Revolution training, according to the press release.  

“The bulk of business is going to be (games) that can be played on turf,” he said.

City Manager Vincent Pastue said a lot of families will flock to Farmington for sports activities, which could help boost the city and the downtown area.

“From a community development standpoint, they are going to bring a lot of people into town — a lot of families,” Pastue said. “It’s always good timing when you’ve got some operation coming into town that you think will be a very well-run, professional organization, which from my experience, they are. Hopefully, it will have a positive spinoff on downtown and other adjoining businesses.”

Moscone said that because the refurbishing process is in the early stages, he is unsure of what TSC will do with the remaining tennis courts. Some options would be to sell the nets to another tennis facility or donate them to local charities.

He added that community reaction has been “fantastic.”

“From folks in City Hall to people walking by the street are excited about it,” he said. “Even our own business that we have in Wixom and Novi — all our current customers are excited about it.”

He said branching out to Farmington helps local parents reduce their drive time and helps satisfy customers’ needs.

“At the other locations, we had a waiting list going on,” he said. “That will help alleviate (the wait) so we can open up space over there by having some of the clubs participate (here).”

He added that being located near downtown Farmington will be convenient for active children and their busy parents.

“I envision a lot of parents dropping off (their children) and running into town, and hopefully utilizing all the great services in town, and coming back to pick up their child.”

Total Sports has five other locations, in Wixom, Rochester Hills, Eastern Michigan University and two in Novi.

For more information about Total Sports Complex, contact Dave Wieme at (248) 804-7012 or, or go to

Former Staff Writer Chris Jackett contributed to this report.