Sterling voters make their primary picks

By: Eric Czarnik | Sterling Heights Sentry | Published August 14, 2014

Turnout may have been relatively low, but the 2014 primary elections Aug. 5 decided party nominees for November, as well as the fate of countywide and state ballot proposals.

According to unofficial results from Macomb County, in the race for state Senate District 10’s Republican nomination, incumbent Tory Rocca triumphed over Jake Alexander Null in an overall vote of 89.7-10.3 percent. Kenneth Paul Jenkins was unopposed as the Democratic nominee.

Within Sterling Heights alone, the Republican race had Rocca on top with 5,876 votes compared to Null’s 685. Jenkins received 4,815 votes.

In the state House District 25 race, Republican Nick Hawatmeh and incumbent Democrat Henry Yanez each ran unopposed in their respective parties.

In the state House District 30 race, incumbent Republican Jeff Farrington ran unopposed. In the contested Democratic race, Bo Karpinsky beat Joseph Bogdan 70.2-29.8 percent. Within Sterling Heights alone, Farrington had 2,379 votes; Karpinsky had 1,448;  and Bogdan had 519.

In the Macomb County Board of Commissioners races, districts 4 and 5 were on the ballot in Sterling Heights.

Joel Thomas beat Ron Babin in the District 4 Republican primary 56.6-43.4 percent, and incumbent Democrat David Flynn ran unopposed.

In District 5, the Republican primary was even closer, as Maria Grot beat Casey Petz 52.1-47.9 percent. Incumbent Democrat Robert Mijac ran unopposed for his party’s nomination.

In the Macomb County executive race, David Novak (48.6 percent) beat Erin Stahl (35.8 percent) and Randell Shafer (15.6 percent) for the Republican nomination among county voters. Incumbent Mark Hackel ran unopposed for the Democrats.

Within Sterling Heights, Novak had 2,801 votes; Stahl had 1,493; Shafer had 715; and Hackel had 5,276.

Among the ballot proposals, Macomb County voters supported Proposal 1, which dealt with taxes, 61.9-38.1 percent. Voters in Sterling Heights favored it by a vote of 7,728-5,441.

A countywide public transportation millage was favored by Macomb County voters 59.6-40.4 percent, and by Sterling Heights voters 7,589-5,748.

Sterling Heights’ turnout in the Aug. 5 primary races was reportedly low at 15.9 percent, which was less than the 17 percent average for Macomb County.

Sterling Heights City Clerk Mark Carufel said the city’s Aug. 5 turnout was less than he expected.

“The rain in the morning probably had something to do with lower turnout,” he added.

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