Shelby Township board renews 2012 tax rates for 2013

By: Brad D. Bates | Shelby - Utica News | Published September 26, 2012

SHELBY TOWNSHIP — Despite a drop of $128,509,527 in total taxable value from 2011 to 2012 in Shelby Township, the Board of Trustees held the line on the community’s township property tax rates.

At its Sept. 18 meeting, the board unanimously voted to renew the tax rates used in 2012 to cover the community’s general fund, police and fire pension fund, and the Fire Department and Police Department budgets for 2013.

“The township board as well as department heads have been working hard on the budget, so we have not had to raise property taxes in the township,” Township Supervisor Richard Stathakis said.

“This board is committed to keeping costs in line without asking the taxpayers to contribute more.”

The tax rate for all properties within the township totals 9.2999 mills, with 2.4062 dedicated to the general fund, 1 mill to the police and fire pension fund, 3.2575 to the Fire Department operating fund and 2.6362 to the police operating fund.

The total 9.2999 mills tax rate costs taxpayers owning $100,000 homes, which have a taxable value of $50,000, $464.99 per year, with $120.31 going to the general fund, $50 to the police and fire pension fund, $162.88 to the Fire Department and $131.81 to the Police Department.

The police and fire pension rate and the police-operating rate are tied to millages that were passed in the Nov. 5, 2002, election and run through 2022.

The Fire Department rate is tied to a millage approved in November 1997 and runs through 2017.

Township Treasurer Paul Viar said the rate of 2.4062 mills to support the general fund, which is tied to the township charter, has been unchanged since 2008 when the board moved 0.18 mill from the Fire Department’s rate to the general fund.

The move was made possible because of increased revenue within the Fire Department from its ambulance service.

“There will be no tax increases,” Stathakis said of the 2013 rates. “There never has been with this board, and I don’t anticipate any.”