Police apprehend suspect in Hannawa homicide case

By: Eric Czarnik | West Bloomfield Beacon | Published February 19, 2013

WEST BLOOMFIELD — A suspect has been identified and charged in connection with the shooting death of a West Bloomfield father of seven that occurred last November, according to police and a relative of the victim.

In an email, Detroit police have confirmed that they have apprehended a man in connection with the shooting. However, police declined to name the suspect or say whether they were seeking any additional suspects in the case.

“Thanks to the hard work and thorough investigation of the homicide investigators, a male defendant was arrested and is facing felony charges in connection to this murder case,” the email said.  “At this time, no additional information will be released in regards to this case.”

According to Detroit police, Samir Hannawa was shot and killed Nov. 7 at the age of 49 while standing outside a collision shop in the city. Hannawa was born in Iraq and is survived by his wife, Nada, and seven children.

Following Hannawa’s death, a nonprofit group called Yatooma’s Foundation for the Kids helped deliver an “Extreme Christmas Makeover” for the Hannawa family — complete with gifts, a TV, and assistance with housing and food.

The nonprofit Crime Stoppers of Michigan had also announced that they were offering a reward for information leading to an arrest.

Hannawa’s eldest daughter, 19-year-old Athraa Hannawa, told the Beacon that she heard about a breakthrough in the case in early January. She said detectives called her and told her they found a suspect while working on another murder case.

Athraa said the suspect apparently wanted to clear his conscience.

“He was saying everything that he has done,” she said. “He mentioned that he shot (someone), and he was Arab, and they put two and two together.”

Athraa said she heard the suspect would undergo a competency exam in May to determine whether he can stand trial. While she said the crime seems random, her family is waiting to hear more about the ultimate motive behind the shooting.

While she said she initially was relieved to hear the police say a suspect was arrested, the news later brought back all the feelings that come from realizing that her father wouldn’t be around anymore.

“We still love our dad, and it’s hard waking up every day not seeing him,” she said. “Even though we know he’s gone, it still doesn’t feel real.”