Pedophile in mental home burns employee’s face with bleach, hot oil

By: Jessica Strachan | Southfield Sun | Published March 2, 2013

A man living in a group home for people with emotional and mental problems has been charged with three counts of felonious assault, including intent to murder, after he splashed a caregiver with chemicals, struck him with glass objects and attacked him with a knife.

According to the police report, authorities had responded to a “false report” of a home invasion the morning of Feb. 23 when the caretaker and property manager of the home in the 27000 block of Arden Park Circle caught the resident smoking in his room, which is against the facility’s policies.

The 57-year-old resident, assigned to the home after being convicted of pedophilia, reportedly then became very agitated with the employee, firing off repeated slurs and insults. He threatened him, “Watch yourself, don’t fall asleep, you won’t wake up,” according to police.

The victim, 49, told police he reminded the resident of the rules in the home and left to go to the living room. It was there that the resident came up behind him and threw an unknown liquid in his face, police said. The victim reported that the liquid instantly felt hot to his skin and that he couldn’t see. He reported an intense burning sensation and strong chemical smell.

He man yelled for help, and while some residents reported taking shelter in their rooms, at least one called 911. During that time, the employee had rushed to a nearby sink to wash his face, but the suspect reportedly continued the attack by continually throwing ceramic potted plants at him and striking him multiple times. The suspect then retrieved a knife and made several attempts to stab the victim in his shoulder.

According to the police report, the seven-inch serrated blade never pierced the victim’s skin, though he felt the impact as he tried to flush his face and ward off the resident at the same time.

The attack stopped when the resident proceeded outside and reportedly used a shovel to bash out all the windows of the employee’s minivan. When responding officers arrived to the scene, they found the man briskly walking away from the home, according to the report. When they asked the man where he was going, he simply said, “arrest me.”

Officers reported that before they even reached the victim, inside the garage of the home, they could tell his eyes and mouth were swollen shut. They also reported a strong stench of bleach coming from the victim. He was taken to a nearby hospital, where he needed an in-eye irrigation tube to flush out his eyes and treatment for the huge burns surfacing on his body, according to the report.

An investigation ensued to determine what exactly the liquid was that was thrown in the victim’s face, so that hospital staff could correctly treat the burns; officers determined it was a mixture of hot cooking oil and bleach. The victim was transported to the burn unit at Detroit Receiving Hospital.

According to Sgt. Scott Cronin of the Farmington Hills Police Department, the man – whose name is not yet being released – was arraigned in 47th District Court Feb. 24 by Magistrate Dennis Pheney and given a $100,000 cash or surety bond.

The suspect is being charged with assault with intent to murder, assault with intent to commit great bodily harm, and assault with intent to maim, Cronin added.