Man found in creek likely died by accident, police say

By: Brian Louwers | Warren Weekly | Published November 6, 2012

Investigators said a 55-year-old Eastpointe man found in a creek near Old 13 Mile Road and Van Dyke Nov. 5 likely died by accident.

According to Warren Deputy Police Commissioner Louis Galasso, an initial investigation into the death of Thomas Edward Huguenin revealed no signs of injuries or foul play. An autopsy was scheduled for Nov. 6.

Galasso said two residents who were waiting for an appointment nearby found Huguenin’s body at about 2:30 p.m. in a wooded area.

“They arrived early for this appointment. They went to have a cigarette. As they were kind of killing time, they strolled over to where this cement culvert is,” Galasso said. “As they were looking down in the water, that’s when the gentleman noticed what he thought was a hand. As he looked a little bit closer, he discovered it was actually a decomposed body and called police.”

Galasso said the body was found face-up and partially submerged in Bear Creek, which feeds into the nearby Red Run.

Based on the condition of the body and the natural debris gathered around it, he said Huguenin could have entered the creek two-weeks prior, between 10 and 100 yards from where his body came to rest.

Investigators reportedly recovered Huguenin’s wallet and his identification. Though the body was partially decomposed, Galasso said the physical characteristics listed on the ID appeared to match those of the body recovered by investigators.

Galasso said Huguenin was listed as voluntarily missing by Eastpointe police after his wife reported that he left home on Oct. 5 and didn’t return. A card in Huguenin’s possession was reportedly used at businesses in the 13 Mile and Van Dyke area, but the transactions ceased after Oct. 12.

Because of its relative seclusion, Warren police have identified the area where Huguenin’s body was found as a place where transient individuals have been known to stop temporarily.

Galasso declined to speculate how Huguenin ended up in the water, pending the autopsy results. 

Anyone with information about the case can reach Warren detectives at (586) 574-4810.