Looking Back: Thompson Elementary School

Warren Weekly | Published July 9, 2014

Source: A Van Dyke Public Schools booklet of the Bicentennial Section provided by VDPS school board member Eleanor Bates

WARREN — Built in 1965 at the corner of Hupp and Marmon, Max Thompson Elementary was one of the newest elementary schools built in Van Dyke Public Schools.

The school was named after the late Max Thompson, a former superintendent of schools, who was considered “a moving force in the community.” Philomena Falls was the school’s first principal. In 1972, Mrs. Max Thompson dedicated the school’s new wing when Gene Aldredge was the principal.

Sixth-grade teacher Marty Halaas was the first teacher in VDPS ever chosen as “teacher-of-the-year.” Presently, district officials are not using Thompson as a school.