Looking Back: Madison Drive-In / The Loop

Madison - Park News | Published August 6, 2014

Photo provided by Margene Scott, courtesy of Teresa Bucciarelli Hoskins and the late Angelina Bucciarelli Joyce.

In this late 1940s image, Antonina Bucciarelli (also known as “Mrs. B”) waits on patrons in her popular restaurant, the Madison Drive-In. Viola Bricker sits on the near stool with her son Kenny, while her friend Birdie Northcutt (right) looks on.  Located close to Madison High School, it was a welcome venue for students and their families, complemented with warm hometown service. The Bucciarelli’s house was located on the south side of the restaurant.  A drive-through was added in the 1950s, and thus was nicknamed “The Loop.” The address of the property was, and still is, 26623 John R, and the structure is now expanded to the south and is the home of the Star Family Dining Restaurant. Mrs. Bucciarelli is the maternal grandmother of former Madison Heights Fire Fighter and Lt. Jon Joyce.