Looking Back: Lincoln High School

Warren Weekly | Published May 7, 2014

An aerial view of the Lincoln High School campus depicts the school’s new football stadium completed in 1972 and located on MacArthur. The early 1970s additions at the high school also included a fine arts section and an auditorium, creating a “complex the whole county can be proud of.”

Lincoln High School’s history began in 1921 when the first Lincoln Senior High School,  a small six-room school, was constructed at Studebaker and Federal. High school facilities were added two years later and Lincoln High, interchangeably known was Van Dyke High, opened its first class. In 1927, two boys made up the first class considered graduated from the four-year high school.

An addition with a vocational emphasis was added in 1939 to the school. In 1951, the cornerstone was laid at Nine Mile Road and Federal for a new high school, which was completed two years later and is where the athletic field pictured continues to stand.

The new high school building built in the early 1950s served as both a high school and the beginning of Macomb Community College. The former high school then became Lincoln Junior High School. MCC classes were offered at LHS for several years until the community college founded its own campus.

Source: A Van Dyke Public Schools booklet of the Bicentennial Section provided by VDPS board member Eleanor Bates