Longstanding program offers a variety of adult-only fitness classes

By: Sara Kandel | Farmington Press | Published January 16, 2013

 Therapeutic Yoga, offered at the Costick Center, is one of six yoga classes offered through the Center for Active Adults.

Therapeutic Yoga, offered at the Costick Center, is one of six yoga classes offered through the Center for Active Adults.

Photo by Sara Kandel

FARMINGTON HILLS — With a variety of options, from open swim to yogalates, the Center for Active Adults in Farmington Hills continues to be a popular destination for low-cost, adult-only fitness classes.

Dolores Jaques has been taking tai chi through the center for years. She remembers showing her nephew some of the moves she learned in class on the dance floor at a wedding in ’98, but she doesn’t remember exactly when she started; she just knows it’s been years and she plans on continuing it for years to come.

Jaques, 82, of Farmington Hills, is one of about a dozen seniors who meet at the Costick Center for the 50-plus tai chi group at 9 a.m. every Tuesday and Thursday.

“We’ve been together for 10 years doing this,” says Angie Tsou, 79.

“Most of us have been doing it for about that long,” Jaques adds, pointing out others who have been coming for as long. “We’ve been coming so long that we are all very friendly with each other. We get to talking, and we all go out to breakfast every once in a while.”

“It’s good for the mind; it keeps you sharp and helps you relax,” said 81-year-old Hilda Bridges.

“Tai chi is good for balance, too, and it makes you feel good,” Jaques said. “It’s a good time and it’s good for you.”

The tai chi class is just one of more than a dozen adult-only fitness classes offered through the Farming Hills Department of Special Services, Center for Active Adults, located in the Costick Center. There are multiple yoga classes, water aerobics, gym exercise, Zumba, line dancing and more.

Dawn Priebe’s yoga classes focus on flexibility, strengthening, balance and focus. Priebe’s been teaching yoga for more than 20 years and offers six classes through the center, which include traditional yoga classes, as well classes designed for adults with arthritis, injuries or aches and pains.

“The therapeutic yoga class is geared towards individuals with aches and pains or just trying to make their bodies work better and move better,” Priebe said. “When someone comes in with an injury, I can help them work around and through it by moving their posture.”

During class, she walks around the room and helps students correct their posture and address any pain or tension they are feeling.

“I recall one of my students saying to me, ‘I’ve been going to physical therapy for years and I got nothing out of it, and I’ve only been in yoga for six weeks and I’m already feeling better,’” Priebe said. “You have to move in order to keep moving, and having the right posture while moving can help ease a lot of pain and keep you moving a lot longer.”

While the fitness classes are all geared towards physical health, many, like Priebe’s, offer additional benefits, as well.

“It’s a nice social release for adults 50 and better,” says Angela Nazak, a senior-activities specialist. “Sociability is very important, especially as we age.”

Nazak schedules senior activities through the Center for Active Adults. In addition to a full schedule of fitness classes, the center offers non-fitness based classes, such as quilting, and serves lunch five days a week in Conway Hall, located in the Costick Center.

Most of the classes run on a drop-in basis and range in price from $2-$8, but some can be signed up for in six-week sessions, for less per class. All of the classes require membership cards, which are free for Farmington and Farmington Hills residents and $20 for nonresidents.

The Costick Center is located at 28600 11 Mile Road in Farmington Hills. For more information, call (248) 473-1830.