L’Anse Creuse schools closed after presumed intruder situation

Former student arrived dressed in camo, flak jacket

By: Julie Snyder | Online Only | Published March 5, 2013

HARRISON TOWNSHIP — L’Anse Creuse High School, L’Anse Creuse Middle School-Central and Graham Elementary in Harrison Township were evacuated the morning of March 5 following a suspicious situation at the high school.

According to Macomb County Sheriff Anthony Wickersham, a former L’Anse Creuse student, 21, arrived at the high school on L’Anse Creuse Road at around 6 a.m. that Tuesday dressed in camouflage, a flak jacket and wearing an empty gun holster.

Wickersham said the man was met by a member of the midnight custodial crew, and explained that he was there looking for the school’s counselors, but didn’t say why.

“None of the counselors were there yet,” Wickersham said.

The custodian then alerted another custodian, and the district superintendent was informed of a possible security situation.

The man left the building a short time later, and spoke briefly with one school counselor in the parking lot and left the premises.

Wickersham said the man was identified on security cameras and authorities went to his home and he was taken into custody.

An initial report indicated that the man was armed, which later proved to be false.

“He said he was there looking to talk with his high school counselor and ask for a letter of recommendation,” said the sheriff. He said authorities searched the man’s home and found no weapons. “We’re confident he was there for a legitimate purpose.”

Wickersham said the man is an airman at the nearby Selfridge Air National Guard base, and had stopped by the school on his way home from work.

“I think it was poor judgment on his part to go there dressed the way he was,” Wickersham said, “especially in today’s society.”

Kelly Allen, director of public and community relations for L’Anse Creuse, said all three schools, which are located on the same complex at L’Anse Creuse Road, Reimold and Crocker, were closed for the day. Buses and parents dropping off students were turned away during the morning.

“Our main thing is the safety of our students; it’s our number one priority,” Allen said. “We know now that he had no ill intention, but we made the decision (to close the schools for the day) to make sure all our kids our safe.”

Allen said it’s unknown whether or not evening activities and sports will be cancelled.