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Beverly Hills

High turnout, fast results mark Election Day in Beverly Hills

Incumbents Mooney and LaFerriere return, Kelly takes third council seat

November 7, 2012

The Nov.6 election was good to incumbents in Beverly Hills.

Village Council incumbents John Mooney and Brian LaFerriere retained their seats for an additional four years, and will welcome newcomer Jacqueline Kelly to the table on Nov.13.

Kelly received the most votes, earning 2,926 (25 percent), while Mooney was second with 2,631 votes (23 percent.)  LaFerriere received 2,224 votes, tying around 19 percent with candidate Tony Lott, who garnered 2,163 votes.  Candidate Marianne McLennan received 1,608 votes (14 percent.)

Village residents also approved Ballot Proposal A by a sweeping 78 percent, which will amend the Village Charter to establish that a person appointed due to a Council vacancy will hold office until the next regular election.

Mooney said the ballot proposal effectively brings the Village Charter in line with state law.

“For the first time in my memory, we had three resignations in short order on the council – first it was Ron Berndt, then Todd Stearn who resigned for reasons best know to him, and Doug Prew, who resigned immediately after being elected,” he said.

“Why should someone be appointed to a four-year term who hasn’t been elected?”

Mooney added that the election of himself, LaFerriere and Kelly was a “reaffirmation by the Village that we’re moving in the right direction, and have been for the past four years.”

Meanwhile, Southfield Township Clerk Sharon Tischler was the leader with 5,203 votes (59 percent) over candidate Andrea Gilles Briggs, who received 3,518 votes (40 percent.)

“It was an exciting day considering voter turnout, we had 82 percent turnout overall, and I utterly amazed that I got 96 percent of absentee ballots back for counting,” Tischler said.

“There was a steady line in the building for most of the day until about 7:30, and everybody just went with the flow. All in all, it was busy because of the volume of people and the length of the ballot.”

Although the voting process was without incident on Tuesday, Tischler said one resident had a health scare while voting absentee at the Southfield Township offices on Monday.

“A dad and his daughter came in to vote, and what we heard was that he ended up having a seizure. At first, they were trying to determine if it was a stroke or a heart attack,” Tischler said.

“Thankfully we had other people in the building who were voting, and one happened to be a gentleman with some medical training who was very helpful and gave his assistance.

The man was transported to the hospital, and Tischler said the last she heard, he was doing well.

“I haven’t heard anything one way or another since Monday, but that’s certainly not something you want to see happen,” she said. 

Tischler added that she was very pleased with the instant results, thanks to the hard work of clerks throughout Oakland County.

“Every election brings us challenges, but I was really pleased with everyone who was working here today. The candidates could stay at home and pop popcorn and watch the results come in much faster, rather than staying here at the office and waiting until everything was checked and counted. That makes for a long day, and everyone is anxious to get it over with.”

As for her own victory, Tischler said she is pleased to know that she has support in the community, and that her accomplishments over past 28 years have been what residents wanted to see.

“I intend on moving forward and keep technology flowing in here, and make it so that it doesn’t cost anyone a fortune,” she said. 
Call Staff Writer Robin Ruehlen at (586) 279-1105.

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