Franklin, Bingham Farms see series of robberies

By: Brendan Losinski | Birmingham - Bloomfield Eagle | Published April 19, 2017

The Franklin-Bingham Police Department is warning residents to be on alert following three robberies that occurred in the communities within the space of one week.

The first break-in occurred Monday, April 10, while the other two reported incidents occurred Tuesday, April 18. No one was reported injured in the incidents, and the suspects appear to be targeting homes where the residents are absent, forcing their way through doorways.

“We’re looking at forced entry situations, and we’ve been seeing a lot of home invasions in the surrounding jurisdictions in recent weeks,” said Sgt. Mike Bastianelli, of the Franklin-Bingham Farms Police Department. “There’s always a pick-up this time of year, when the weather starts getting warmer.”

The three robberies were all located near 13 Mile Road, near the border with Beverly Hills.

“The thieves seem to be primarily targeting jewelry. It looks like they want something they can shove in their pockets so they aren’t seen carrying a TV or something out of someone’s house,” explained Bastianelli. “We’ve had three in the last week. We suspect they may have taken place in the morning time, after people are leaving for work or school. Watch out for any vehicles in the area where they could be watching the homeowners leave.”

The department does not have any suspects yet, but officers are following several leads in the ongoing investigation.

Franklin-Bingham Farms police officers are advising residents to be on alert, to secure their valuables and to not hesitate to call authorities if they see anything suspicious.

“Set your alarms,” said Bastianelli. “Put keepsakes and irreplaceable things in a safe or off site. If you see anything suspicious, call immediately. People will often see something not right, but they wait to call us. A late call could mean we miss our best chance to catch the suspects. You are not burdening the Police Department by reporting a possible crime.”

The department can be reached at (248) 626-9672.