FBI catches alleged Clinton Township bank robber

By: Nick Mordowanec | Fraser - Clinton Township Chronicle | Published October 18, 2013

CLINTON TOWNSHIP — A man who allegedly robbed a Huntington Bank location at 36921 Harper Ave. in Clinton Township has been apprehended by the FBI.

Juan Herrera of the FBI submitted an affidavit that contains information suggesting that the identity of the reported robber is Joseph Louis Carter, a 26-year-old Detroit man with a criminal history.

Carter allegedly approached the teller counter Oct. 9 and told the teller that he needed a withdrawal slip.  He walked over to the self-help counter, grabbed a withdrawal slip and filled it out. The subject then walked to the teller’s window, placed the withdrawal slip and a demand note on the counter.  The message on the slip read: “David Johnson $30,000.”  The teller then read the following written on the note: “$30,000 in a bag. I have a gun. I’ll kill everybody.”  After the teller read the slip and the note, the suspect leaned forward, aimed a silver colored semi-automatic handgun at her and stated, “Don’t do anything stupid.”

When the teller went to open her teller drawer, the suspect again leaned forward and stated, “Don’t press the button. Don’t do anything stupid, you don’t want to do that.” The teller said she was just grabbing her keys.

The teller placed the money into a green Huntington Bank money bag and gave it to Carter.  He exited the bank and left in an eastbound direction.

Carter was first estimated by police to be in his mid-to-late 20s, about 5-foot-7 or 5-foot-8 with a medium-dark complexion. He was wearing a navy blue Detroit Tigers baseball cap with white trim, aviator-style sunglasses, a navy blue T-shirt, khaki shorts and white shoes.

Herrera’s report said that Carter is 5-foot-7 and approximately 160 pounds — attributes that are consistent with the descriptions provided by witnesses and video footage.

His prior criminal history includes felony convictions in March 2007 for firearm charges and unarmed robbery-conspiracy, and in April 2007 for stolen property — receiving and concealing — motor vehicle.

In addition, Carter’s criminal history revealed that he has an outstanding criminal bench warrant for failure to appear out of Hamtramck. The date of the warrant is May 5, 2013.

It was determined that Carter was released from jail on probation and was being supervised by the Macomb County probation office until his release from probation in February 2013.

Macomb County Probation Agent Don Kalminski supervised Carter during his probation period. On Oct. 11, Kalminski was shown a surveillance photograph depicting the subject in the Huntington Bank robbery and recognized the suspect as Carter, an individual he supervised for approximately one year.

On Oct. 16, after the bank withdrawal slip and the demand note used during the robbery were submitted to the Michigan State Police Lab for examination, it was determined that a latent print lifted from the demand note was identified as a print belonging to Carter.

No charges or court dates were announced at press time.