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Harper Woods

Elementary schools plan to combine parent groups

July 1, 2013

HARPER WOODS — Parents at Beacon Elementary and Tyrone Elementary will be working together in the fall by combining their Parent-Teacher Organizations.

Students in the district start out at Beacon before heading to Tyrone for the second half of their elementary years. That means that unlike most districts, students don’t go to one elementary and then to middle school.

They go through both elementary schools.

This will allow parents to team up for both schools.

“I am excited to bring our two schools together,” Beacon Principal Janet Gottsleben said in an email. “This will be a great move for families, as well as students, making it easier for parents to be involved as we create dual school events.”

The change was a parent-generated idea.

“Our treasurer, Kelly Morrison, thought that parent involvement would increase because they would become familiar with Tyrone through combined events,” Gottsleben said. “Also, many parents have students in both schools and this allows them to support programming in both schools in a more convenient way.”

They are planning to kick off the new combined groups when school starts in September.

The top leaders will include Beacon and Tyrone’s current presidents in the leadership roles of the new group.

“There will be many details to decide upon, as far as funds raised and how they will be distributed. We are all excited about this new format that will be good for our families and community,” Gottsleben said.

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