County commissioners establish committees

By: Robert Guttersohn | C&G Newspapers | Published January 30, 2013

MOUNT CLEMENS — The Macomb County Board of Commissioners approved the formation of eight committees at its Jan. 24 meeting, including a new Infrastructure Committee created to communicate with the county’s Department of Roads.

“We will be moving forward with strong and knowledgeable leadership and membership on each of these committees,” said Board of Commissioners Chairman David Flynn. “Each chair(person) was carefully chosen because of the depth of knowledge and expertise that he/she brings to the board.”

Additionally, the board delayed a vote that would have established the rules each committee must adhere to for the next two years, after the board’s legal counsel discovered that committee rules carried over from 2011 needed to be altered.

“Our independent counsel had some concerns that there were some issues that conflicted with state law and conflicted with the (county) charter,” said Commissioner Kathy Tocco, a Democrat representing the 11th District and chairwoman of the Rules Committee.

The committee had planned to have the rules approved by the board at the meeting, but because of the required changes, Tocco said the committee felt it needed another month before presenting the board with the new rules.

Tocco admitted to being “overzealous” when telling fellow commissioners the 2013 rules would be ready by the end of January.

“It would be our best interest if we took our time and took another month to have our independent counsel review the rules to determine if all the provisions comply with state law and the charter,” Tocco said.

In addition to some of the provisions being in contrast to state law and the charter, she said some of the language from the 2011 rules was archaic.

“What we are looking to do is come up with a complete set of rules and do that by the next board meeting,” Tocco said.

Flynn agreed with Tocco, telling the board there was no reason to rush.

“I think that we should just take our time in the next month here and just put a good set of rules together for the future,” Flynn said at the meeting.