Clawson peels back parking at Hendrickson, Rochester intersection

By: Robert Guttersohn | Royal Oak Review | Published August 14, 2014

CLAWSON — The City Council voted unanimously Aug. 5 to prohibit parking for a section of Hendrickson Boulevard east of Rochester Road.

The change removes parking on the north and south sides of Hendrickson for 180 feet from the easterly curb line of Rochester, where the residential area begins.

“That’s been a mess for a long time on Hendrickson,” said Mayor Pro Tem Howie Airriess during the meeting.

The change will go into effect immediately, said Police Chief Harry Anderson.

Anderson said two residents brought the issue to the attention of the Traffic and Safety Board in June. Since then, it has been studied by a traffic engineer and Anderson, and the traffic board unanimously voted to recommend the prohibition at its July meeting.

Anderson said the issue is that Hendrickson is narrow, and when vehicles are parked on the north and south sides of Hendrickson at the intersection with Rochester, they create a backup of cars heading westbound and waiting to turn on Rochester.

Plus, two businesses on that side of the intersection add to the congestion.

“When the vehicles are parked there, there is a traffic congestion issue,” Anderson said.

Drivers turning from Rochester onto Hendrickson compound the issue because they turn head on into the already existing backup.

The city believes the parking prohibition will provide a wide enough area for westbound vehicles waiting to cross or turn onto Rochester while still leaving room for eastbound traffic.

The Traffic and Safety Board identified two accidents at the intersection involving parked cars. One of them, though, involved an intoxicated driver, according to the city.

Anderson said the board is also looking into the trimming down of landscaping on the opposite side of the Hendrickson and Rochester intersection.

“We have a little bit of a sight-distance problem of seeing cars coming from the north on Rochester,” Anderson said.

He does not believe he needs council approval to clear the obstruction but is still preparing a report on the matter for the Traffic and Safety Board.