Civic Center prepares for parking lot fixes

By: Eric Czarnik | West Bloomfield Beacon | Published March 28, 2013

WEST BLOOMFIELD — The Civic Center will soon be under construction, and township officials are promising smoother asphalt along the boulevard and parking lots once construction wraps up later this year.

At a March 18 meeting, the township Board of Trustees voted 7-0 to award a large-scale Civic Center paving project contract to Nagle Paving Co., subject to legal review.

According to Development Services Director Marshall Labadie, the township received five bids by its Feb. 28 deadline, and the $1.72 million Nagel bid was the lowest one. A $1.1 million spread occurred between the highest and lowest bids, he said.

“We’ve been speaking about this for several years,” he said. “I think the board knows the need for the project. We have now got hard numbers to go with it.”

The Civic Center project will encompass the Parks and Recreation and library parking lots, as well as lots around Town Hall and the Police Department.

In addition, officials said, the main boulevard will be repaved, and a right-hand turn lane heading into the complex will get an approximately 100-foot extension. The complex’s exit and entrance will be widened, as well, Labadie added.

Officials said the project is poised to begin in April for completion in September, and he said it is critical to get started on the Parks and Recreation lot within the next couple of weeks.

Trustee Steven Kaplan inquired about whether the paving company will receive incentives or disincentives, depending on how quickly it gets the job done. Labadie said none are written into the proposal, but he explained that the township has a good construction schedule in place.

Kaplan was impressed with Nagle’s reputation. “I just find it remarkable that the company with the lowest bid appears to be the most capable company,” he said. “It’s just astounding for a municipality.”

Township officials said they want the project to be funded on a bond concept. Trustee Howard Rosenberg said the plan should allow the Parks and Recreation Commission to join in on the bond, while allowing the library to contribute cash for its portion of the lot repairs, if it so chooses.

Labadie said he will bring a proposed notice of intent to the board in the near future and get more details about a bond to finance the project’s cost. “Bonding the project would not adversely impact the township’s debt capacity,” Labadie said.

Besides Civic Center, the board voted unanimously in a separate vote to hire Nagle Paving to pave the area at Fire Station No. 1 in West Bloomfield for about $59.200. The expense is budgeted and will not require a bond to finance, officials said.

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