City council to door-to-door salespeople: don’t come knocking

By: Terry Oparka | Troy Times | Published April 23, 2014

Tired of being bothered at home by door-to-door salespeople?

The Troy City Council unanimously approved an ordinance April 14 similar to the National Do Not Call List that will allow residents to register their home addresses on a Do Not Knock List.

Clerk Aileen Bittner brought forward the ordinance.

“Any for-profit organization or charitable organizations are required to get a solicitation permit from the City Clerk’s Office,” Bittner said. These organizations will be given the Do Not Knock List — once the list is  established — when they are issued the permits, Bittner said.

“I had heard of it (such lists) in other communities and issues with solicitors in other communities,” she said.

She noted that the list will not apply to religious or political groups, or political candidates, who are not restricted from going door to door. However, the ordinance restricts the times when those with charitable or solicitors’ licenses may knock on doors. The new ordinance states that solicitors may knock on doors 9 a.m.-6 p.m. Oct. 1-March 31 and 9 a.m.-8 p.m. April 1-Sept. 30.

Bittner said the idea was to restrict solicitors to daytime hours.

“It’s a great idea,” said Mayor Dane Slater.

Troy Police Chief Gary Mayer said Bittner checked with and worked with the police when she initiated the ordinance.

He noted that Royal Oak and Shelby Township have comparable ordinances.

“It gives us another opportunity to keep the peace,” he said.

The ordinance will take effect May 1.

Residents may sign up for the Do Not Knock List at or by writing to the Troy City Clerk’s Office at Troy City Hall, 500 W. Big Beaver, Troy, MI 48084. Requests can also be put in the drop box at City Hall.

People on the Do Not Knock List will be required to re-register every five years.

For information on the Do Not Knock List, call the City Clerk’s Office at (248) 524-3316. Direct complaints about solicitors to the Troy Police Department, (248) 524-3477.