Charges pending for attempted home invasion

By: Maria Allard | Fraser - Clinton Township Chronicle | Published July 24, 2013

FRASER — Charges against six juveniles and one 19-year-old adult are pending after they allegedly tried to break into the home of a 15-year-old Fraser youth who was home with his younger sister.

The incident happened at approximately 5 p.m. July 9 in the 33000 block of Utica Road.

According to Fraser Public Safety, the 15-year-old called the police after the group of males came to the house and threatened the teenager.

“(They said), ‘You better come out or we’ll hit you with a hockey stick,’ and said, ‘We have a gun, we’ll shoot you,’” Lt. Dan Kolke said.

Kolke said the youth told them, “Get out of here. I’m going to call the police,” which he did. Someone then threw a rock into the front window, and they ran away from the scene before police arrived. Officers were able to determine the identities of the group and later interviewed the seven suspects.

“We interviewed everybody. They all started telling on each other,” Kolke said. “Some said, ‘I went along with my buddies.’”

According to a FPS press release, they went to the home to “get” the victim “who had supposedly assaulted one of their friends in Warren.” 

“The first suspect said he was one of the friends who was severely beaten by the kid,” Kolke said. “We don’t think that’s true.”

It was determined a hockey stick was involved, but there was no gun.

Two of the juveniles were 14 years of age, two were 15 and two were 16. They were all released to their parents.

“None of them are in custody,” Kolke said.

According to Kolke, charges are pending for attempted home invasion for all seven of the accused. Whoever threw the rock will be charged with malicious destruction of property, but it is still unclear who threw the rock.

“Nobody admitted to throwing the rock,” Kolke said. “The prosecutor will look and see if there’s enough to charge them.”