Board approval makes room for Macomb’s newest church

By: Robert Guttersohn | Macomb Township Chronicle | Published April 3, 2013

MACOMB TOWNSHIP — On March 27, the Board of Trustees authorized its legal counsel to amend an old consent judgment, allowing a church to be built on a portion of the disputed land.

The approval removes the northern 4.7 acres of a 12-acre plot of land from the consent judgment for the building of a subdivision, while the rest of the acreage will be used to build the church.

Larry Dloski, the township’s legal counsel, said Evangelical Lutheran Church is acquiring the land and wants to sell the north portion to a third-party developer. The church would then keep the southern portion to build its own church.

“The legal description to the consent judgment must be amended to provide that the northern 4.7 acres be taken out of the consent judgment,” Dloski said.

The consent agreement was originally between the township and developer Polaris Enterprises, who wanted to develop the land near the corner of 22 Mile and Card roads into a subdivision.

“That subdivision was never built,” Dloski said.

But the stub roads leading from adjacent subdivisions to the northern 4.7 acres were completed.

Because of those stub roads, the north portion would not be suitable for a church or the church’s parking lot.

“If we allowed (the church) to be there, it would be sitting there with two dead-end roads,” Township Clerk Michael Koehs said.

Instead, Koehs said the northern portion would be perfect for residential development.

“They are cutting off the top part to allow that half to become residential, and the rest would then be used for the church itself,” Koehs said.

Koehs said the change to the consent judgment is in compliance with the master plan.