Two in custody after road rage incident

Royal Oak Review | Published November 6, 2017

 Clawson police released this video  surveillance image of a suspect in a shooting outside The Hideout Sports Bar & Grill  Oct. 15.

Clawson police released this video surveillance image of a suspect in a shooting outside The Hideout Sports Bar & Grill Oct. 15.

Photo provided by the Clawson Police Department

By Kara Szymanski
C & G Special Writer

CLAWSON — Two people are in custody after an Oct. 15 traffic dispute turned into shots being fired and a man being nearly run over in the parking lot of The Hideout Sports Bar & Grill, 1110 W. 14 Mile Road.

It all started when two vehicles pulled into the middle turn lane on 14 Mile Road, east of Crooks Road, in front of The Hideout around 2:37 p.m., according to Clawson police.

A man with a woman in a black Chrysler 200 was attempting to turn into the shopping complex across the street, and another man with his child in a silver Pontiac Aztek, driven by his fiancée, was trying to turn into the bar on the other side, Clawson Police Chief Harry Anderson said.

They ended up facing each other nose to nose when they both became agitated and began flipping each other off because they could not make their turns, Anderson said. The incident only lasted a couple of seconds before the Aztek made its turn into the bar parking lot, according to Anderson.

Soon after the Aztec driver turned into the bar, the male passenger got out of the car and the Chrysler 200 followed him into the lot. The Chrysler attempted to run him over, nearly missing, police said. The victim then ran into the restaurant, and the Chrysler driver attempted to follow him through another locked emergency door, Anderson said. 

The incident was all caught on surveillance, and the woman in the Chrysler was seen getting out of the Chrysler 200 and directing the male suspect to shoot at the victim in the parking lot as the victim exited the back of the building. 

The man from the Chrysler attempted to shoot at the victim; the shooter missed, Anderson said. The shooter then got back into his vehicle, now driven by the woman, and they pulled onto 14 Mile, away from the bar, he said. 

The victim’s fiancée and child were still in the Aztek during this time.

A 9 mm handgun shell casing was later found at the scene, according to police. Police have not recovered the gun.

According to a news release from the Clawson Police Department, the two suspects fled to Ohio sometime after the incident occurred.

“Road rage happens all the time; you just have to diffuse it and get out of the situation, avoiding it at all costs. Obviously, he has issues and needs to be held accountable for his actions.” Anderson said during an interview Oct. 20.

Police worked with the Michigan Department of Corrections and anonymous tips to identify the suspects. The female suspect is Latrice LaJean Hassel, of Madison Heights. The Clawson Police Department received tips that Hassel was involved, and police contacted her to turn herself in, which she did Oct. 29.

Police also identified the male suspect, who also is from Madison Heights. Clawson police believe the two suspects live together.

“We currently have no information as to why the two suspects had fled to Ohio or how long they were there,” said Clawson Police Lt. Scott Sarvello.

Hassel was arraigned Oct. 31 at the 52-4 District Court on the charge of accessory to a felony after the fact. She has no previous criminal history, police said. According to the 52-4 District Court, Hassel’s probable cause hearing was set for Nov. 7, after press time. Her preliminary examination was set for Nov. 14. 

Hassel’s bond was set at $15,000 cash or surety, no 10 percent, and she was in the Oakland County Jail as of press time. If released, she will be required to wear a GPS tether. 

Hassel asked for a court-appointed attorney, but the court would not know the lawyer’s identity until the day of Hassel’s probable cause hearing.

According to Clawson police, the male suspect was in custody in Ohio for unrelated charges and was to be transported to Michigan for his arraignment. Police said he would face charges of assault with intent to murder and possession of a firearm in the commission of a felony. He currently is on parole with the state of Michigan for a similar offense.

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