Looking Back: 1920s Coolidge Highway

Woodward Talk | Published December 4, 2013

Photo submitted by James Tong, Berkley Historical Museum

Coolidge Highway is seen here in 1926 looking north from 12 Mile Road in Berkley. The road had not yet been paved, so the Model T vehicles were lucky to drive on a surface that was dry and not swampy, as it often was.

The sign on the east side of Coolidge said that the property was for sale, land that is now part of the Roseland Park Cemetery. Early maps of Berkley indicated that Coolidge was slated to have houses on both sides.

Along with the lot, a buyer could get either 12 chickens or a tent.

James Tong, with the Berkley Historical Museum, came across this photo while compiling “Images of America: Berkley,” which is available at the Berkley Public Library, Barnes & Noble and Amazon.com.