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West Bloomfield

‘Chicago’ comes to West Bloomfield

July 16, 2013

WEST BLOOMFIELD — Like any typical teenager, 18-year-old Roxxi Jaxx wanted something to do over the summer, so she auditioned for a role in the upcoming “Chicago-The Musical” — and won a lead part.

“I asked my friend if she knew any (play auditions) and … I went up and auditioned, and that is all she wrote,” she said. “I was really thrilled. ‘Chicago’ is a great show.”

The Florida resident, who is staying in metro Detroit for the summer, will soon perform as Velma Kelly — a nightclub singer accused of murdering her husband and sister on suspicion of them having an extramarital relationship.

“Chicago-The Musical” mainly revolves around Roxie Hart, a nightclub dancer who dreams of starring in vaudeville. She kills her lover, nightclub regular Fred Casely, and convinces her husband to front the money to hire a Chicago defense lawyer. The lawyer turns her crime into celebrity headlines, and Hart becomes the belle of the ball in Chicago — until other crimes shatter her spotlight, including Kelly’s.

The musical is Aug. 8-11 at the Berman Center for the Performing Arts, 6600 W. Maple Road.

Jaxx said she wanted to play Kelly’s character for a while, and getting the part was more than a dream come true.

“I really always wanted to do it,” she said, “I’ve always just been too young. When you are 8 (years old), you can’t really play Velma Kelly.”

Canton-based Forever After Productions is presenting the musical.

Musical Stage Manager Holly Platis said about 50 actors are in the production.

“We are hoping to draw more people in from West Bloomfield,” Platis said. “I hope (the audience) walks away feeling happy. The show is kind of ridiculous in the fact that a bunch of women get away with murder.”

Jaxx said she identifies with her character because they are both strong.

“I am very secure with who I am as a person, and so is she,” Jaxx said. “We are different in the fact that I have never killed anyone. We are both performers, and it makes it easier to connect with the character when you have so much in common with them.”

Purchase tickets by calling (734) 547-5156, visiting, or at the door.  The box office opens one hour before show time.  All tickets are $15 — $12 apiece for groups of 15 or more.

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