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Troy incumbents prevail — the slate does not

November 7, 2007

By Terry Oparka

C & G Staff Writer

TROY — Although the incumbents prevailed in the Troy city election, the slate of candidates — which Troy Republicans, Democrats and the Troy chamber endorsed — did not win in all cases Nov. 6.

Troy Mayor Louise Schilling, who ran unopposed, explained that each candidate that the Troy Political Action Committee endorsed — herself, Council member Robin Beltramini, Al Aceves Jr., Kevin Hrit, and Council member-elect Mary Kerwin — ran separate campaigns.

“The coalition chose us,” she said.

Incumbent Councilman Martin Howrylak, who gathered signatures in support of Taxpayer Protection Amendment on Election Day — which would require any new millage rate increase passed by City Council to also be approved by voters —  incumbent Councilmember Robin Beltramini and newcomer Mary Kerwin will serve four-year terms.

David Eisenbacher, who also planned to gather signatures in support of the amendment on Election Day, was elected to serve a two-year term.

Beltramini attributed her success to her record of service. “I consistently evaluate all sides of an issue before I make a decision. It’s the most important thing I do.”

Schilling said the biggest challenge facing the city is to encourage businesses to invest in the city and the city to invest in itself. “We need to encourage citizens and businesses to be involved in community endeavors,” she added.

Troy City Clerk Tonni Bartholomew said that the photo identification requirement resulted in one person going on the record to protest, although he then completed the required affidavit and voted. 

“We had very few snags,” she said. According to results that were unofficial at press time, of the 48,819 registered voters in Troy, 11,696 ballots were cast — 5,056 of them absentee ballots.

Voter turnout — just under 24 percent — has been about the same as the last couple council elections, while turnout for presidential elections is 80 percent and gubernatorial elections is 63 percent, Bartholomew said.

“We’re above the state average,” she said.


Louise Schilling / 8,725

• Write-in / 337


(four-year term)

• Robin Beltramini (I) / 4,876

• James K. Campbell / 2,497

• Deborah DeBacker / 3,578

• Martin Howrylak (I) / 6,282

• Kevin Hrit / 3,465

• Edward Kempen / 4,291

• Mary Kerwin / 4,981

• Victor Lenivov / 2,017

• Write-In / 43


(two-year term)

• Al Aceves Jr. / 3,402

• David Eisenbacher / 6,388

• Tom J. Gamlin / 577

• Matthew C. Megally / 539

• Write-In / 23


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